God is doing some great things in the lives of those who attend Encounter Christian Church. Here are a few testimonies of what God is doing!


Stephen and Jill's Story

Alan's Story

At day 20 of fasting a meal, no snacks just breakfast and nothing else before 5, I am feeling more ravished as the days go on. I just ate 1/2 pound bison steak all by myself for dinner!! Lol its all worth it as I watched God answer even my smallest prayers these past 21 days. It has been an honor to give up my lunch for Him and thank you for calling for the fast and being a partner with God in our breakthroughs!! You are such a blessing to our family and The church and Gods kingdom!! - Teresa, Chesterfield, VA

Josh's Story

Pastor Lenny and Gerri of Encounter Christian Church have shown me that there is a Church that truely cares and gives you a feeling of family when you're alone. Before I met my Husband Howard, they had a lot of ministry to do in my lonely heart. They and their whole family are so genuine. They are humble and loving and kind to everyone. Pastor Lenny is a Teacher Preacher. I believe God speaks to us through Pastor Lenny and it's from God's mouth to Pastor Lenny's ear. Pastor is so humble and straightforward; he is able to bring God's Word alive and with such insight that you just KNOW it's God speaking through him. I don't doubt that sometimes Pastor might have to listen to his own sermon again because it probably amazes him too how God uses him and reveals Himself through him. Every sermon has a revelation. If you're tired of feeling like you're just a number and you're just warming a pew on Sunday and that you come away with nothing to get you through the week, come to Encounter Christian Church where you feel like family and every Sunday you take away a feeling of hope and renewal and strength from God's Word. I love my Church family and God's annointing on it. Hurry out, fills up fast and we're growing. Don't miss God's blessing He has just for you!

- Angel, Powhatan, VA

Encounter Youth Retreat Recap & Testimonies

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